Monday, October 4, 2010

Canadian Identity Test

The way that I express my Canadian-ness is through the way that I act, and the image I give off.  I think that being Canadian is not how well you fit in and act like someone else, but how everyone is a little bit different.  I like to have many different personalities, because you can express your emotions better.  Canada isn't about the lifestyle, it's about the country you live in.  I think that most Canadians want to get a job, raise a family, volunteer for their country, get an education, and live the rest of their lives here.  Therefor being a Canadian isn't about what you buy, it's what you do to better your own and your countries life.  I try to have fun and play sports, and do the things that are put here to guide us away from theft and vandalism.  Being a Canadian is about being free, but in order to be free we have to give back to canada.  In my opinion being a Candian is about, being multi-personalitied and giving back to your country.

Kane O'Brien

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